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MPCS 2021

Welcome message by the Organsing Chairman

Dear colleagues and friends,

As the Chairperson for Malaysian Paediatric Cardiology Society (MPCS) Annual Scientific Meeting 2021, it is with great honour that I welcome you to this prestigious event. MPCS ASM 2021 has been postponed and will be held at the New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya on October 29th – 30th 2021.

In line with the theme this year entitled “The Heart and Beyond”, we have prepared a series of talks and symposiums looking at the heart from a multi-disciplinary perspective. We are still covering important cardiology topics like Tetralogy of Fallot, Kawasaki Disease and aortopathies but giving emphasis to genetic, neurologic, respiratory and endocrinology. Our series of speakers comprise of senior paediatric cardiologists, paediatricians as well as our esteemed colleagues from Cardiothoracic Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Paediatric Respiratory, Genetics, Neonatology and others. We have not forgotten the paramedical and nursing fraternity role in the care of these children, with a parallel series of symposium lined up covering pre and post-operative care.

We have also selected researches and cases to be presented as Moderated Posters, Interesting Cases and “Meet The Experts” sessions. This will provide a platform for up and coming medical officers and specialists as well as for paediatric cardiologists to share their researches. We are organising 2 pre-symposium workshops (Electrocardiogram and Basic Echocardiography) which will be beneficial to general doctors and paediatricians alike.

The MPCS ASM 2021 will also be the meeting point for friends and colleagues across Malaysia to share knowledge, opinion and foster better working relationship within our fraternity.

I look forward to welcome you to MPCS ASM 2021.


With warm regards,
Dr. Johan Aref Jamaluddin
Paediatric Cardiology Symposium Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 Chairman



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Add to Calendar 2021/09/29 09:00 AM Asia/Kuala_Lumpur Registration deadline New World Hotel Petaling Jaya



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