Step by step guideline for group registration

1.  Login to account.
2.  Click “Congress registration”

3.  Click to Next Page to download sample CSV file.

4.  CVS file with sample participant details.

  • Salutation – type one of the below

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Certificate print name
  • Email – attendee’s email
  • Mykad/Passport – choose one of the below

  • ID Number
    a)  NRIC – MyKad 12 digit number without hyphens
    b)  Passport – passport number
    c)  Military ID – military number 
  • Specialty – System is captured 12 specialty list ONLY as below.
    Select one of the below 

  • Nationality – enter 2 letter country code Example: (Malaysia – MY, Singapore – SG etc.) 
  • Phone/mobile must enter country code Example: 603-79312131 or 6012-79312131
  • Institution – attendee’s place of practice
  • Institution address (without wrap text)
  • Vegetarian – Select Y or N
  • Industry account – your organisation name that registered
  • Registration categories - select one of the below.  
    a)  Local Delegate                b)  International Delegate                                                                         

5.  Complete all the required fields in the form and select “choose file” to upload for the first time. 
     Upload file is for one time ONLY if secretariat has confirmed the registration payment
     status. The remaining list has to register by “add participant” for your registrant from your
     industry account .       
  CSV file upload is a maximum of 200 rows of data.